Size Chart

This chart was created as a guide to help find your perfect fit! Sizing is a matter of personal preference and the way that you like your leotard to fit should be taken into account. Fabric options vary in stretch and should be considered when making sizing decisions. Please make adjustments accordingly.

Size 2
Size 3
Size 4
Child Size 5Child Size 6Child Size 7Child Size 8Child Size 9
Child Size 10
Adult X-Small
Child Size 11
Child Size 12
Adult Small
Child Size 14
Adult Medium
Child Size 16
Adult Large
Waist 18-2019-2120-2221-2322-2423-2524-2625-2726-2927-3128-3229-3330-34
Hips 19-2120-2221-2322-2423-2524-2625-2726.5-28.528-3130-3332-3634-3837-41
Chest 19-2120-2221-2322-2423-2524-2625-2726.5-28.528-3130-3332-3634-3837-41