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Coach’s corner will provide little tips on how to work on your gymnastics safely at home.

Drastically Improved Handstands in only 5 minutes a Day

Ah, the handstand. How long you can stay up, without support, is the benchmark of almost every gymnast! In this post, I will give you tips to help you get that handstand you have always dreamed of performing. As always, ask your parents permission before practicing any gymnastics in the house, and make sure that…
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3 Core Strengthening Exercises To Practice At Home

A strong tight core is essential to protect a gymnasts back as they progress in gymnastics. It is important that all of these exercises be performed while keeping your belly squeezed (or sucked) in. 1.) Push up to Plank Shapes 10 to 30 reps Begin in a tight push up position facing down shoulders are…
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