Quantum Leotards: Quality Brand

We all have brands that stand out in our minds as being the ultimate in quality and value.

Having a reputation for consistent and unparalleled design, construction and the finest materials. They wouldn't even think about diminishing their reputation by cutting corners or skimping. These are the companies that you will pay a little more, feeling confident that you are getting your money's worth. They stand behind their products, because they know that they will last.

While Quantum doesn't have any famous gymnasts representatives, we do have a commitment to providing you the best fitting most comfortable leotard available. Our approach to manufacturing the perfect leotard didn't happen by accident; years of testing and tweaking have gone into these highly desirable designs. Each and every one of our tank designs start with a very special base pattern.....a pattern that has several important features.

  • Comfort neck opening - Ideal scoop neck is perfect to cover comfortably yet not feel as though you are being choked

  • Comfort arm openings - Strategically designed arm holes avoid binding under the pit, providing a more comfortable fit
  • Slightly wider straps - Provide a more comfortable base to join the neck and arm holes, resulting in better fit without binding or sagging
  • Slight scoop neck back - Back is slightly lower than the front creating a larger hole to make getting dressed easier
  • Safety whole back - Covered back leotards are a safer choice for spotting as there is virtually no entanglement risk
  • Wedgie free rear- every gymnast knows the importance of a leotard that refuses to ride up
  • Then, its in the details......

  • Comfort elastic measurements - Our elastic measurement is only slightly shorter than the dimensions of the openings on the arms and neck allowing it to sit flat and give shape without bunching and pulling

  • Comfort elastic - Rubber elastic tape is thin,flat and can stretch over double its length; then return to its original size and shape
  • Durable seams - Every seam is sewn using quadruple lock stitching with durable, soft, and stretchy wooly nylon thread
  • More size options - Quantum offers an astounding 13 children's sizes; using small incremental alterations, we guarantee you the absolute perfect fit
  • Stretchier fabrics - Every fabric we use has been hand tested for stretch and recovery, typically expanding at least 25% (usually closer to 50%) before retracting back to its original state
  • Made in the USA - Despite the alarming trend toward outsourcing apparel production to other Countries, and although it is more costly for us, Quantum believes in helping to keep manufacturing here at home to support more Americans
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