Drastically Improved Handstands in only 5 minutes a Day

Ah, the handstand. How long you can stay up, without support, is the benchmark of almost every gymnast! In this post, I will give you tips to help you get that handstand you have always dreamed of performing. As always, ask your parents permission before practicing any gymnastics in the house, and make sure that you have a safe area to land in case you fall.

You will need an elevated platform (12 to 36 inches) that is very stable. Common props used for this are: ottomans, couches, or a sturdy chair.

Always begin any gymnastics by stretching. For this drill, shoulder and wrist stretching is required.

90 Degree Handstand

1.) Place your hands flat, palms down and fingers separated, on the floor a comfortable distance from your elevated prop.
2.) Carefully walk your feet up onto your prop (keeping your knees bent in a squat; toes under).
3.) Keeping arms straight and shoulder angle open (push through your shoulders; think upside down shoulder shrug),and slowly
straighten legs to create a 90 degree (or less; depending on the height of your prop). From the side; wrist, shoulders,
and hips should create a straight vertical line. Keep your tummy tight,hips square,ribs down, and squeeze your leg and
tush muscles.
4.) Once this becomes comfortable and you are ready for the next progression, raise one leg straight up (most gymnasts prefer
to extend their non dominant leg), so that from the side your body creates a straight vertical line from your wrist all
the way to your toe (the other foot is still supported by your prop).
5.) The next progression is to carefully push off the supported foot, through your toes (tiny movements at first) and try to
balance using your hands (pushing against the floor with your fingers and palms). It is important to keep your body very
tight and your hips square.
6.) Gradually begin pushing off your supporting leg with more power, without sacrificing your straight tight body, until you
are able to balance for increasingly longer periods of time.
7.) Eventually, with practice, you will be able to kick from the supporting leg to a handstand and hold it.

Keep practicing and if this helps, let us know!

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